The Popular Apricot Bites Recipe That Will Detoxify Your Body Now

The Popular Apricot Bites Recipe That Will Detoxify Your Body Now


These apricot bites are little powerhouses of nutrition and are a deliciously sweet and slightly tangy snack. This is a great recipe to keep handy for occasional snacking on the Clean Program, a healthy afterschool snack for kids, or a post-workout energy bite.

Lemon and nuts are definitely a winning combination. There are a multitude of benefits and uses for lemons. Not only does this fruit add a refreshing citrus taste to these almond bites, but it also helps detoxify the liver and is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Pistachios come with a well-rounded collection of nutrients, and they help us with heart health and weight management. This almond bites recipe requires both forms of coconut nectar, liquid and crystals. They are great to have on hand for your pantry, and other Clean recipes.

Makes approximately 16 treats

Apricot Bites Ingredients:

2 cups unsulphured apricots

1 cup pistachios (divide the nuts equally between two bowls)

2 tablespoons almond butter

1 tablespoon coconut nectar

the zest and juice of one medium lemon

2 tablespoons coconut sugar

pinch sea salt


First, you need to make the pistachio sugar crumbs.


Process half the pistachios, sea salt and the coconut sugar in the food processor. You want the mixture to be fine but with some good chips of pistachio.


Set aside in a bowl and then proceed to add the all the remaining ingredients in the food processor until you get a sticky dough mass.


Roll individual balls, about 1 inch in diameter and then roll in the pistachio sugar until each ball is coated. Set on a plate and keep rolling until all the mixture is used up. You should get a yield of approximately 16 balls, depending on size.


Recipe and Photography by Victoria Leith