Our gut health affects our whole body - even our mental state. Your gut microbiome holds a balance of healthy bacteria and helps ward off bad bacteria. Because your gut houses more than 70 percent of your immune system, your digestion and absorption directly impact your wellbeing. How we are breaking down food and taking in the nutritional components is vital for health.



Made up of a proprietary 8-strain blend, containing 40 billion CFU per serving. This potent and diverse blend is desi...




Our plant-based digestive enzyme capsules reduce bloating and gas, and may encourage optimal gut health.


Maintenance Kit

Monthly Essentials

Take the guesswork out of your monthly needs with this kit of Balance EPA-DHA, Cultivate Probiotics, Shine D3+K2, and...



Glutamine Powder

This natural glutamine supplement supports a healthy intestinal lining, exceptional immune function, and optimal gut ...