Customizing Your Detox Program to Meet Your Needs

Cleansing is a very personal journey, and no two experiences will present exactly the same. Everyone has their own bio-individuality, or baseline of health. Here are a few of the Clean coaches’ favorite tips to help customize your cleanse experience to get the most out of your detox journey.

By Katherine Feldhouse, Clean Wellness Coach

Each Clean program experience is as unique as you are! As we approach a cleanse journey, there are multiple variables that come into play such as current diet and lifestyle habits, if this is a first cleanse or one of many, or even the time of the year!

When we take an individualized look at what to expect and how we can best support ourselves during this period, we can have a more successful and personalized cleanse experience. 

When a Clean 21 or Clean 7 kit arrives, cleansers are provided with a comprehensive manual as well as support and guidance from our team of wellness coaches. One thing that the programs avoid is prescribing a nutritional blueprint or rigid caloric guidelines for meals and cleanse shakes. Because everyone has their own bio-individuality, or baseline of health, we feel it is important the cleanser listens to their body, adopting healthy choices and a plan to care for themselves during this vital time. 

Here are a few of the Clean coaches’ favorite tips to help customize your cleanse experience to get the most out of your detox journey: 

1. Whether embarking on a week-long or 21-day cleanse, prepping and pre-cleansing is key!

It may seem tempting to jump in and start your cleanse as soon as it arrives at your doorstep but pre-cleansing is an essential aspect of any detox that can enhance the experience and lead to profound results. Use this time to test recipes and food pairings that work for you while following the elimination diet can further support your biotransformation and detoxification period. 

2. Carve out time each day for individualize self-care.

As the body begins to let go of toxins, for some feelings may also begin to flow. Some days you may be called to take a long bath, other days jotting down a few thoughts may do the trick! Cleansing can certainly stir up emotions, so give yourself the space to learn from this time you’ve given yourself and explore feelings as they arise, giving them your attention and care.

3. Find your exercise flow.

Whether you are an avid runner, advanced yogi, or weekend walker, we ask you give your body the grace to move gently–even more quietly, focusing on breathwork, for example– as needed during this full body reset by simply dialing back on your regular routine. Experiment with different movement modalities to find what works best for you and your energy levels, maybe even take this time to try something new! 

4. Customize meals and shakes to meet your needs.

As our programs are not calorically restrictive by design, you are welcome to experiment with healthy fats, additional proteins and trying out a variety of foods from the approved foods list at mealtime.

We encourage experimenting to create a shake and midday meal you not only love, but that nourishes you while on the protocol providing nutrients and energy to support your daily needs. For example, if weight loss is a health goal, we recommend being mindful of using nut butters in shakes because of a higher caloric content. However, if you want to maintain your current weight you may wish to bulk up your shakes or mid-day meals to prevent weight loss. 

5. Between work, family, and life commitments it may be tempting to put off cleansing, but there are ways to navigate fitting a cleanse in to your busy calendar!

Say you have a social event or dinner, you are absolutely welcome to swap your mid-day meal with your evening shake in this instance. Simply follow the foods to enjoy list when ordering or preparing your meal. Concerned about what to order at a restaurant? Feel free to email our coaches the menu ahead of time as we can help you navigate your night out with ease! 

At the end of the day, cleansing is a very personal journey, and no two experiences will present exactly the same. Clean recommends above all listening to your body and making decisions to support your whole self during this time.

By dialing inward, planning accordingly, and reaching out for support when we need a helping hand, we welcome a reflective and expansive experience of a full body reset! Happy cleansing! 

Check out our Clean 21 cleanse below:




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