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"A cleanse will rid your body of toxins and boost your mood and energy Time Commitment: 28 Days Researcher: Christopher"
Outside Magazine SCRUBBED by Christopher Keyes Hypothesis
"Ultimately you are cleaning out your intestines so your football field of tubing functions optimally. Say goodbye to puffiness, allergies, extra pounds, crankiness, sluggishness.."
Huffington Post
As I write this, I am finishing the amazing three-week-long “Clean” detox program detailed below. Designed by New York cardiologist and detoxification specialist Dr. Alejandro
Gwyneth Paltrow + GOOP Clean review
“It really does make you feel better!
It really does make you look better!”
The Martha Stewart Show
“This celeb detox diet lets you eat real meals–and drop pounds, too. Gwyneth Paltrow calls it her secret weight loss weapon. Donna Karan swears by it.”
Vital Juice Review
If you… have big goals and bigger willpower Try The Clean Program What is it? This doctor-devised three-week plan requires you to have two.
US Weekly: Top 10 best diets Jan 4th, 2010

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