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We aren't helpless victims of our toxic world.

By taking simple steps in your life you can learn how to supercharge your body's detox system and allow your body to heal itself. Our bodies are programmed to do this and we just need to make the right decisions to open that door for it to perform.

Watch renowned cardiologist, Dr. Alejandro Junger, share his simple and powerful approach to better health and separate facts from fiction around detox in the PBS Special Demystifying Detox, airing this Thanksgiving weekend.

Is detox a fad or a trend? How do we make sense of all the misinformation out there? Understand how ridding the body of toxins can have a profound impact on your day-to-day health & wellness.

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Watch and help spread the word!

We believe in the power of public television. It is fundamental for lifelong learning and helping people all over the country access information that can have a profound impact on their health and their lives.

Support public television and help amplify this message by pledging to PBS with your local public TV station. Even a small donation to your local station listed below can go a long way.

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Clean would like for you to get involved! If you support PBS with a pledge, you will have the opportunity to win a unique experience with a private consultation with Dr. Junger, a Clean 21 program kit, and an autographed book. Simply enter your details here that match your pledge to PBS in order to enter.

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