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With patented, medical-grade heaters, these far-infrared sauna products by Sunlighten are some of the highest-quality and highest-quantity infrared therapy available to enjoy in your own home.

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A unique cork yoga mat with timeless design. The visually attractive graphic designs will help you improve your posture consistency and alignment. From the beginner to the more advanced practitioner, there is a Bhumi Mat that will suit you.

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Higher Dose

The Higher Dose sauna wraps are perfect for traveling or at-home use. These Infrared Sauna Blankets safely increase the body's thermal energy with low-EMF heating, layers of charcoal, crystals, and clay, and non-toxic premium fabrics.

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Morozko Forge

The Cold Forge ice baths are designed for home indoor or outdoor use to facilitate the practice of daily ice baths. They are equipped with a temperature enabled controller that maintains constant water temperatures as low as 32F.

Use code CLEAN for a $150 discount on the Cold Forge and Filtered Forge line.

Use code CLEANPRO for a $500 discount on the stainless steel Prism Forge line.

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