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What do I do on Day 22?

Following Day 21, we recommend going through the Reintroduction period. Reintroduction helps identify foods that may cause sensitivities or issues (digestive upset, irritation, inflammation, etc). This can help you better understand your body and dietary needs. Further details on the steps of Reintroduction are included within the 21-Day Program.

Can I extend my cleanse?

You can safely do the Clean Program for a maximum of six consecutive weeks (two back-to-back 21-Day Programs). At that point, you are welcome to continue with the Cleanse Diet, as well as select supplements. Schedule a free session with a Health Coach to further discuss extending your program.

How can I maintain my results?

Our Maintenance Kit  provides you with the tools to maintain your results and feel great each day. The kit is built around enjoying a daily shake and maintenance supplements to support your long-term wellness journey.

What is the difference between the Cleanse Shakes and Daily Shake?

The Daily Shake and Cleanse Shakes are similar as both offer plenty of protein and nutrients. However, the Cleanse Shake includes specific ingredients to promote deeper cleansing and should only be used for the cleanse. The Daily Shake is a delicious and supportive supplement formulated for daily use.

How often can I do a 21-Day Clean Program?

We recommend the 21-Day Program once annually, though some like to cleanse seasonally. Our Health Coaches can help you develop a plan that works best for you!

Should I keep taking supplements once I’m finished?

The supplements within the program are designed to support detox and are to be taken only within the cleanse period. We’ve designed the Maintenance Kit  to support ongoing daily health. You may optionally add the Enzyme supplement, which is safe both on and off cleanse.

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