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Move FAQ

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What's the difference between Eliminate and Move?

Move is a supplement that provides the fiber many people are missing from their diets. It helps to bulk waste to promote full, healthy bowel movements Eliminate is a magnesium supplement that has a stool loosening effect to promote ease in bowel movements, with additional benefits that help soothe the nervous system. Because they work in different ways but still complement each other, they can be used simultaneously.

Can I add Move to my smoothie?

You can add Move to a smoothie, or briskly stir it into water.

Do I have to worry about cramping or diarrhea?

No, Move is formulated with mild, fiber-rich ingredients such as rice bran, and oat and apple fiber to gently bulk stool.

Can I take Move daily? While on a Clean Program?

Move is a non-habit forming fiber supplement that is safe to take daily, both on and off a Clean Program.

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