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Greens FAQ

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What is the flavor of Greens?

Greens has a very mild and pleasant flavor. The taste has a gentle, natural fruit flavor, with a slight sweetness from stevia leaf extract.

Can I add Greens to my shakes and smoothies?

Definitely. Greens can be added to a smoothie, or even briskly stirred into water, any time. Greens can be enjoyed both on and off a Clean Program.

Does this take the place of salads in my diet?

Greens is not a replacement for fresh, leafy greens, but is meant to be an awesome boost of vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Greens can also help bridge the gap when you can't get enough greens in your diet, such as during times of travel.

Who can use Greens?

Most people can use Greens daily. If pregnant or nursing, please check with your healthcare practitioner before consuming Greens.

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