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Beta-Glucan FAQ

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How do I take Beta-Glucan?

Beta-Glucan comes in a powder form that mixes easily in water.

When do I take it?

Maximum absorption occurs when the stomach is not busy digesting. Take Beta-Glucan twice daily with water, 30 minutes before or after a meal or shake. If combining with Integrity, you can take both products together in water.

Can I take Beta-Glucan while on a Clean Program?

Yes. Beta-Glucan supports gut repair when added to a Clean Program. For maximum gut healing and support, we recommend taking Beta-Glucan with Integrity daily. Both supplement powders can be mixed together in water.

Is Beta-Glucan gluten-free?

Beta-Glucan is gluten-free. However, if you have severe sensitivities to gluten you may want to avoid it due to its oat content.

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