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Mary Dvorak

Mary Dvorak used the Clean Cleanse to help restore her health. She has Behcet's syndrome, a disorder that causes inflammation in blood vessels throughout the body.

One of the main functions of the cleanse is to reduce the typical inflammation that is caused from poor-quality foods and the chemicals in the products we use.

By following the program, Mary was able to reduce the inflammation in her legs and itchy hands while losing weight.

Here's what she wrote to Shannon, our Clean Wellness Coach:

Hey Shannon! This is Mary Dvorak (itchy hands, Behcet's flare up)...I have finished the cleanse and started today on the reintroduction part of the cleanse. I just wanted to give you and update!

So the knots on my legs have started to go away and calm down big time. I am in utter shock, but I have lost 30 lbs. I have attached my before and after pics! This was the best thing I ever did for myself and I just want to thank you for your support along the way! You were awesome!

Mary found some incredible success with the Cleanse while working with Shannon. Our free wellness coaching is an important part of how she made progress. Shannon was there to provide support, knowledge, and encouragement.

I can't wait to see how her health continues to improve over time.

Joan Pratt

Joan is amazing woman who has used the Clean Cleanse to improve her health. In addition to lowering her cholesterol and glucose levels, she experienced some of the mental benefits of doing the cleanse. These included improved discipline, mindfulness and patience.

One of the underlying benefits of completing the Clean Cleanse is that you take responsibility for your health. You begin to recognize how much power you have to improve how you live and how you feel.

Here’s what Joan has to say:

"The Clean Program has really shown what my DNA is made of—not only by revealing what my physical body can look like, but also has shown my internal capabilities—discipline, mindfulness, determination and patience.

The Clean Cleanse addresses the whole person, mind, body and spirit. It is not just some "diet", as diets don't work. But it provides information on how to create a wellness plan with your own doctor and how to determine what foods might be causing an allergy or lowering your energy.

When I finished my 3rd Detox/Cleanse I received my lab results from my doctor. Ready for this?

Compared to last October, my LDLs were 22 points lower, my Total Cholesterol was 21 points lower and my Glucose was 19 points lower and well under 100. Thank you Clean Program. "

Cricket Traux

Cricket is an amazing woman who, with her husband, has made powerful improvements to her health using the Clean Cleanse.

Here is Cricket’s story in her own words:

“I adopted the Clean Cleanse as my eating lifestyle in November of 2009. I have been maintaining a 60 pound weight loss due to Clean. I am passionate about the Clean Cleanse, and I know it works and makes your whole life better.

My husband has even adopted it and has lost 30 pounds. Last week at his annual physical, his MD said his blood chemistry numbers had improved significantly and he was in the best shape he had ever seen him.

I would love to share my Clean success story with the world. I believe in it, and I live it everyday.”

In addition to shedding weight, Cricket noticed her sinus infections and allergies lift as she eliminated wheat and dairy from her routine. Her sleep improved. Even the asthma and eczema that had plagued her for 30 years disappeared. Cricket felt so renewed that she soared past the 21-day mark adopting the Cleanse Diet as her new normal.

This is a great example of how a cleanse supports the improvement of the entire body. Your body is incredibly wise and knows which issues to deal with first.

For some people, there may be improvement in digestion and then some weight loss. Or for others, the most important issue that improves is sleep and then the skin softens and constipation clears. Each person is different and so each cleanse experience is slightly different. My suggestion after taking thousands of people through this program, “stay curious throughout the process.”

  • "As I write this, I am finishing the amazing detox program designed by Dr. Alejandro Junger...I feel pure and happy and much lighter. This thing is amazing."

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Actress & GOOP founder
  • Robert Thurman

    Author of Inner Revolution

    "Clean is amazing. This comprehensive program fits perfectly with holistic, empirical and time-tested nutritional and spiritual methods for bringing the micro-biome, our internal micro-community, back onto our side to sustain a blissful life.”

  • Dr. Mark Hyman


    Clean [the book] is a masterpiece of healing....

  • Marianne Williamson

    Author of The Age of Miracles

    With an acute understanding of the interconnectedness of body and mind, Clean presents a view of detoxification as a spiritual as well as physical necessity. Dr. Junger has given us a roadmap not only to greater health but also to greater joy.

  • Rachel Roy

    Fashion Designer

    "My skin and hair look better, my eyes look clearer."

Ingvar Kenne

Ingvar saw many health improvements that are very common for men doing the Clean Cleanse.

You can see from his before and after photographs that he has lost weight, tightened up the area around his abdomen and most importantly reduced inflammation in his body. But photos can only give us the outside changes of the body.

Since the Clean Cleanse supports healthy transformation inside and out, I’ll let Ingvar share some of the other benefits:

"The Clean program was a game changer for me. It was about breaking old, and essentially, bad habits. I finally got to the core of my allergies and sensitivities, by rebooting my body and learning to treat it with the care that it needs."

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