This simplified organic protein powder formula features only five nutrient-packed ingredients, hand picked and curated by Dr. Junger himself!

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Our bodies are amazing. Think of all of the incredible functions that are taking place constantly without us even thinking about them, like digesting and absorbing nutrients. Well, these actions all require energy.
Adding in plant-based protein powder to your daily smoothie or beverage is a simple way to increase easily digestible nutrients, protein, and fiber into your body all at once.
Preventative measures to ensure you have a safe, healthy, and gut-supported trip.
Invitations start filling our inboxes and we tend to hop from happy hours to after-school bake sales to weddings day by day. We can still enjoy ourselves while keeping to our healthy commitments. Check out our essential tips for navigating the party seasons.
Movement and rest, these practices are like two sides of a coin, you can’t have one without the other. They remain two of the most fundamental practices for living clean during and after you’ve completed the Clean Program and can help us make serious gains in our health if we give them proper attention.
So, you have completed the cleanse, congratulations! But now what? Our cleanses are meant to set your body up for success. We have equipped you with the tools to listen to your body and fuel it with the nutrients it needs to thrive. If you are not sure where to start, we are here to help! 
While eating the rainbow is important and beneficial in its own ways, green leafy vegetables are especially advantageous for a number of reasons. Find out why eating your greens daily is a great investment for your health below.
Sleep is vital for our immune system. See how Health Coaching, Magnesium, and Cleansing can all work together to support deeper, more high quality rest. 
Pineapple avocado gazpacho is a nutrient-packed and healthy recipe that is refreshing and the perfect liquid meal during your cleanse.
Hormones are communication tools within the body whose specific purpose is to adapt to a need or circumstance.

Kundalini yoga is a sacred technology that blends physical and spiritual practices to help us strengthen our emotional and physical stamina to adjust and excel with the pace of our rapidly changing world. "Keep up, and you'll be kept up."- Yogi Bhajan

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