Watch Katherine, our Clean Wellness Coach, share 4 tips to help you socialize while on the program or after.
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It's common to feel incredible during the cleanse. So, ideally, we want to sustain some of these feelings going forward, even if not on the program. Check out some of the features of Clean 21 that you can maintain long-term.

Even though we often associate genetics with aging, it is now well-known that only 20-30% of longevity is related to genetics. This means that environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle play a much larger role in how long we live and how we feel while aging. 

Taking a break from alcohol can have enormous benefits for our mind and body. If you're on the fence about this, check out our top 5 reasons below.

Even the best eaters among us will have some level of nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies. There can be many reasons for this.
Watch this video by Emily Fuerring, our Wellness Coach and Director of Wellness & Support at Clean, explain why taking a multivitamin is a good idea in the modern world we live in. 
Pineapple avocado gazpacho is a nutrient-packed and healthy recipe that is refreshing and the perfect liquid meal during your cleanse.
Hormones are communication tools within the body whose specific purpose is to adapt to a need or circumstance.
“I’m going to start working out again,” “ I need to start eating healthier,” “I need to drink more water.” Do any of these statements sound familiar? I remember that for months I was telling myself that I needed to eat healthier, stress less, and sleep more. But then, in...
Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to enjoy big leafy green salads for lunch or dinner. The raw veggies are cooling and hydrating on hot days, especially when you’ve been in the sun or working out a lot. Salads can help cleanse, alkalize and reduce...
You’ve committed to healthier eating, and you’re ready to get started–that’s great! While transitioning to a plant-based diet from standard American fare may seem daunting at first, it can be a doable, delicious, and exciting process. Keep in mind that everyone is a bit different, and may require various approaches...
A great morning routine can make all the difference between an empowered start to the day, and dragging ourselves out of bed following several taps of the snooze button while feeling pretty cranky. While it can take a bit of discipline and commitment to set an extra 20 to 30...
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