How to Navigate Parties and Socialize While Eating Clean

Invitations start filling our inboxes and we tend to hop from happy hours to after-school bake sales to weddings day by day. We can still enjoy ourselves while keeping to our healthy commitments. Check out our essential tips for navigating the party seasons.


We’ve gathered our top tips on how to socialize while still eating clean to help you navigate the parties and gatherings while sticking to a special diet (or 21-Day Clean Program). It can seem impossible as treats and indulgences are constantly being offered up but with proper preparation, you can enjoy the party and focus on friends and family.

Socializing while eating clean

Invitations start filling our inboxes and we tend to hop from happy hours to after-school bake sales to weddings day by day. To make sure we can still enjoy ourselves while keeping to our healthy commitments, our tips are essential for navigating the party seasons.


Though it may sound simple, our most important tip on how to socialize while eating clean is the easiest way anyone can feel a little healthier. Staying healthy during the holidays or events requires an energized body that is functioning optimally. If you decide to consciously drink an alcoholic beverage during your cousin’s wedding, drink more water to stay on top of your game.


Drink a nutrient-dense Daily Shake before heading out to your event. This will fill you up on craving-killing micronutrients. Add healthy fats and proteins such as avocados and chia seeds to keep you full around tempting buffets of holiday treats.


A healthy potluck is a great way to see loved ones and stay clean. Cook up some amazing clean recipes and desserts from our blog and share the gift of health! This will ensure that you are staying healthy by having something satisfying on hand that won’t weigh you down. Finding healthy substitutions for foods you like can really help. We even have non-alcoholic beverage recipes.


And sing, and laugh (a lot). Food and drinks are accessories to any good party, dancing and laughing have been proven to be good for your health.. Focus on creating healthy connections with loved ones through conversation in celebration of good times. The memories you have will likely not hinge on whether or not you had a slice of cake.


Don’t be afraid to politely decline when you’ve received one-too-many invites. Save your time and energy for the people and gatherings that bring you the most joy. It’s ok to pass up invites in favor of quality time with a loved one even if that means spending some quality time with yourself. Saying no can be a good thing!

It’s important to remember the reasons why you made the commitment in the first place. If you are on the 21-Day Program – don’t forget that it will be over soon, and it’s best to get the full experience if you can. Investing in your health is valuable. We are always here to support you, call up one of our health coaches for some extra tips to stay motivated.

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