A Multi-Level View on Multi-Vitamins

Even the best eaters among us will have some level of nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies. There can be many reasons for this.

Let’s talk multivitamins.

They’re a dime a dozen, right? They are everywhere. Science is mixed. Some studies say they might be good, other studies say they are not.

How do you make sense of it all?

Here are a couple of things to consider when it comes to using a multi-vitamin (and multi-mineral):


1. Most people, even those following a healthy diet, have nutrient ‘gaps’.

Even the best eaters among us will have some level of nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies. Why would that be if you eat ‘clean’? There can be many reasons. Let’s first start with the food. It’s known that nutrients in food are less than what they were decades ago. The soil is depleted of minerals and microbes, and the water and air are more toxic with heavy metals.

Then there’s you. You might have genetics that require more nutrients for processes (e.g., methylation, detoxification) or even have stresses, symptoms, and/or conditions that simply demand more nutrients because you’re going through them faster. All in all, it’s a good idea to fill those nutrient ‘potholes’ in your road to health! 


2. Quality is everything.

Perhaps some of the conflicting data in the research on multi-vitamins is because of the quality of the ones used. Believe it or not, several of them have sugar or sweeteners, artificial flavors, and food dyes. Why should anyone pay for these ingredients to come along for the ride with a multi-vitamin? It seems like a paradox to be getting ingredients that are good for your health while also getting those that are not so healthy!

The bottom line is not all multi-vitamins are created equal. They’re just not. In addition to having undesirable excipients or other agents added, they may not contain the highest caliber formats of those vitamins and minerals. They could be the cheaper forms that are not used by the body efficiently or maybe not those that are known to be more bioavailable. It goes without saying that you want the purest, most high-quality multi you can get.


3. Don’t get toxic.

There can be a point of diminishing returns on supplements. This is where people are taking too much of a good thing, especially when they are taking multiple products and not doing the math to see what they are taking in exactly. We have coaches to help you do that, by the way! While taking a multi-vitamin is important to fill nutrient gaps, you also don’t want to go too far in having such high amounts of nutrients daily that they become toxic. Having modest amounts of nutrients in a multi-vitamin would seem to be a better approach than front-loading everything through them. Because don’t forget that you are getting nutrients through food, your beverages, and anything you take in. Therefore, a multi-vitamin should be a ‘supplement’ to these sources rather than a ‘mainstay’.


What makes our multi 'Complete' different?

We thought through the sea of multi-vitamins out there to give you one with the ultimate Clean signature of goodness. First and foremost, we assessed the levels of the vitamins and minerals to ensure they weren’t too high in case you are already taking other supplements. Second, we chose quality forms of nutrients such as methylated folate and B12, along with selenomethionine, which is a form of this essential mineral that is best absorbed. We also put in vitamin K2, an essential player in cardiovascular and bone health. Finally, at Clean, we recognize that you can have not just nutrient gaps, but phytonutrient gaps, too. Simply put, most people are not eating enough plant-based foods, so we put in our Ayurvedic signature blend of herbs to cover those phyto-bases: amla, moringa, turmeric, neem, tulsi, and ginger.

We took these formulation principles and put them into motion in a seamless delivery of two capsules (you have probably seen that some multis on the market can be 6-8 tablets per day!). To get the biggest benefit for absorption, take them with your meals. You can take two tablets at once or even take one twice daily.

We’ve got your nutrient gaps covered with Complete! Shop here.


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