4 Tips for Socializing & Staying Clean

Watch Katherine, our Clean Wellness Coach, share 4 tips to help you socialize while on the program or after.

Whether you are doing one of the Clean ProgramsClean 7 or Clean 21or just trying to maintain your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the company of friends and family, these simple tips on socializing and staying clean can come in very handy!

Watch Katherine, our Clean Wellness Coach, share 4 tips to help you socialize while on the program or after:

1. Hydrate! 

Before you go out, make sure you've drank enough water or fluids throughout the day. This will help you feel energized and not confuse hunger for thirst. When you're out and about, also consider drinking plenty of water, water with lime, sparkling water, or tea, to continue getting hydrated throughout your outing.

2. Check the menu ahead of time

If you're going out, most restaurants will have their menus online for you to review. Take time to explore their menu and check which would be better options for you given your goals. Consider ingredients and preparations to find the best alternatives that meet your nutritional needs.

3. Have a smoothie or shake before you go out

If you find out it may be hard to find "cleaner" options or those that will help you meet your needs, having a shake before you go out will help you feel satiated. That way you won't be hungry at your event and you can pay more attention to socializing and enjoying the company of the people you love. You can add our protein powder and nutritional mix, Daily Shake, to your smoothie to get all the protein and nutritional benefits you need. Find incredible recipe inspiration for your smoothies in our blog.

4. Host!

Hosting family or friends at your home is a great way to offer clean and healthy options. You can try recipes you love and share your love for healthy food with your loved ones. Check out more than clean 700 recipes on our blog for smoothies, appetizers, entrées, and desserts!

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