After Your Program

Wondering what to do after you finish your program? We've laid out a simple year-long system to keep you clean for life.

Essentials Shake

Use Daily

​​Continue the benefits of the Clean Program by substituting one meal a deal with our nutrient-dense Essentials shake. Excellent pre- and post-workout.

Dr. Junger's Recommendation: Replace one meal a day with a shake at least four times a week.

7-Day Program

Once or twice a year

Our 7-Day Program gets your health back on track quickly. Use it after a vacation, holiday, party weekend, or whenever your feeling off.

​Dr. Junger's Recommendation: Use the 7-Day program 1-2 times a year to reinvigorate your health.

Supplement Support

Use as needed

Find high-quality supplements for daily use and to help with poor sleep, digestive distress, low energy or skin issues.

Dr. Junger's Recommendation: Learn the supplements that can improve your health by booking a free appointment with a wellness coach here.

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