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Clean Eats Bonus Videos

We've created recipe videos with the Curry Girls in celebration
of the release of the Clean Eats Recipe book

Clean Eats

A new recipe book by New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Junger

Clean Eats presents over 200 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes aimed at helping you restore and transform your health. Whether you suffer from digestive problems, depression or anxiety, unwanted pounds or simply less-than-stellar health, Dr. Junger provides recipe ideas that can help build vitality from the inside out.

Pre-order today & get exclusive Content

  • 5 Recipe Videos by Chef Frank Giglio
  • 2 Clean Kitchen Skills Videos
  • 3 Kid Friendly Recipe Videos by Dr. Junger
  • Digital cookbook with over twenty recipes from the Clean Community

Eat Clean, Feel Good

Featuring over 200 delicious
and healthy recipes